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Intellectual Development intellectual-property-icon

Language Development languages-icon

Emotional Development emotional-intelligence-icon

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  • Gross motor skills
  • Fine motor skills (Pincer Grip)
  • Balance
  • Co-Ordination
  • Special awareness
  • Manipulative skills (in, under, above, below)
  • Control of muscles (Control of Movement)
  • Preception
  • Memory skills
  • Concentration
  • Logic Thinking/Processes
  • Problem Solving/Reasoning
  • Imagination
  • Creativity
  • Science
  • Facial experience
  • Body language
  • Visual
  • Expressive speech
  • Repetition
  • Mark making
  • Reading
  • Singing/Rhyming
  • Forms of sign language
  • Controlling behaviour
  • Learning boundaries
  • Becoming aware of gender
  • Expression
  • Empathy
  • Pride
  • Resilience
  • A sense of security
  • Learning to trust
  • Feelings
  • Friendship
  • Being friends
  • Taking
  • Sharing
  • Understanding
  • Turn taking
  • Interaction
  • Being independent

Embracing Comprehensive Child Development at North Bushey Preschool with the PILES Method

At the heart of North Bushey Preschool’s educational activities in Bushey lies the PILES approach, a holistic method that caters to the diverse needs of children between two and five years old. The approach encompasses Physical, Intellectual, Language, Emotional, and Social Development, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive early education experience.

Encouraging Physical Growth: A Cornerstone of Childhood

Our preschool prioritizes physical development as a foundation for early learning. We offer various activities to improve motor skills, coordination, and overall physical health. These activities are not only fun but also pivotal in enhancing children’s physical capabilities.

Stimulating Intellectual Curiosity and Innovation

Intellectual stimulation is a core element of our curriculum. We conduct afterschool activities for kids that challenge their minds, encouraging creativity, critical thinking, and a sense of wonder about the world around them. It includes exposure to arts, fundamental scientific concepts, and imaginative play.

Cultivating Language Skills for Effective Communication

Developing language skills is crucial in early childhood. Our program focuses on expanding children’s vocabulary, enhancing their ability to express themselves, and building strong reading and comprehension skills through interactive storytelling and language games.

Fostering Emotional and Social Skills for Life

We place a strong emphasis on emotional and social development. Our creative preschool activities are designed to teach children about empathy, cooperation, and building relationships. These skills are essential for personal growth and future social interactions.

Join Our Enriching Educational Environment

We invite you to explore North Bushey Preschool’s unique PILES approach to child development. It is an opportunity to give your child a holistic educational experience in a supportive and engaging environment. Contact us to learn more and become part of a community that values comprehensive early childhood development.