We believe it is important to promote and build the foundation for lifelong learning. By laying the foundations of development to support the beginning of a secure learning journey. The prime areas of learning build a secure base to then develop and promote the specific areas of learning.

Our environment is a friendly, warm, fun, safe place where children and families feel relaxed and secure helping to build confidence ready for learning through play.

Our team of practitioners have a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion for early years and continually keep skills and training updated.

Learning experiences through play are vital to build skills for becoming resilient , being independent , understanding and following rules, understanding boundaries, being respectful, building language, problem solving, exploring, supporting emotional awareness and empathy, building confidence, promoting curiosity, and feeling proud.

Through sensory, creative, imaginative experiences, physical, practical and real life experiences our children have lots of fun whilst learning through play.

Our Mission

With the support of our families and teachers we would like to foster a mission that our preschool has a good family school relationship so that :

  • Children feel valued as independent individuals.
  • Children feel safe and secure and have a sense of belonging with us.
  • Children feel confident to communicate their needs and feelings.
  • Children respect themselves as well as each other and their environment.
  • Children become curious and creative lifelong learners.
  • Children are resilient in facing challenges.
  • To value diversity, equality and understand each child’s learning journey is unique.